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Women’s Web of Life Dance

Led by Jennilea Beem & Heather Robinson

Web of life

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“It is through stillness and movement that we begin to see the interconnectednesses among all things.”

The Women’s Web of Life Dance is about looking down the threads of life (both forward and backward) and seeing all the possible consequences of our choices. It is about seeing, understanding, and ultimately taking responsibility for what we set in motion. It is about gaining understanding of how we affect the strands next to us and across from us, indeed the whole web of life. Maybe it’s about learning how every single little thing that we do affects the whole.

Working together in community we create the Arbor, which is oval in shape with thirteen poles – twelve around the perimeter and the thirteenth placed inside. We dance with a fire at the center of the Arbor offering us the opportunity to make choices, through movement, to let go of or transmute what no longer serves us and the ability to create life anew.

Although the dancers and the crew are all women, men are invited and encouraged to help prepare the dance area on Friday afternoon and to return on Sunday to partake in the feast.

The contribution for this dance is $. This covers the expenses necessary to hold the dance. There is never a charge for ceremony. Payment options are available when arrangements are made in advance. There is also a work exchange program in place at the Center.

For information, please contact Jennilea or Heather by email

Jennilea Beem: Phone 615-691-2721

Heather Robinson: Phone 865-414-9492