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Work Is Worship

Work is worship

call Steve Citty for information


June 15th - Work Day for Dragon Dance
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June 29th & July 13th - Work Days for SunMoon Dance
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Work Exchange  
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One of the teachings from Beautiful Painted Arrow is that “Work is worship.”

Working in a mindful way with those in our community is one way we can truly “Walk in Beauty.” When we say ‘walk in beauty’ we are really saying ‘Walk in Love. It is the Blessing Way.’ To walk in beauty is to celebrate the principal ideas that create our bodies.

Beauty is the action of being in the moment. It is the connection that we have with the people that we love, our fellow human beings. ...Beauty comes from our relationship to all those around us. There are three essential parts or levels to being in a state of Beauty.

  • Have a connection with Oneness;
  • Be in reflection;
  • And to be in movement.

Mindful work is all of these things, and is a way to worship.

Participation is a sign of the vitality of the Center and how important it is in the lives of the People. We are a non-profit organization that depends on the generosity of the People who receive their spiritual food here to support our operations for the year.

“Work is Worship“

Work/activity is one very clear way to celebrate ourselves as part of the community by which we are being fed spiritually. And it is always a lot of fun. Time seems to alter into a process rather than a taskmaster and friendships are born and nurtured by our community participation.


  • Gloves
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Water
  • AND an open willing attitude.

If you have any special skills, please let us know so we can best use your talents. Of course, we will first take care of the pressing needs, but there is a lot of work to be done and all your talents are valuable.

It is a great feeling to give something back for what you’ve received, and in that way, experience the meaning of the teaching, “Work is Worship.”

If you, too, would like to support the Center and give something back for what you have received, join us on our ‘Work Is Worship’ days. Workdays are always filled with fun, fellowship, and laughter (and lunch)! Check our calendar for the latest dates.

For more information, call Steve 865-300-4424.


Saturday, June 15th

Work Day for Dragon Dance

  • Clean up mud behind the east gate
    • We are going to build a wooden walkway in the east gate
    • The mud that is standing in the east gate will be removed down to more solid ground
    • Footings need to be built and decking installed
  • Repairs and maintenance on composting toilets
  • Clean and prepare the Peace Sound Chamber
  • Split & stack firewood
  • Clean Gift Shop

For more information email us

If you have a chain saw, power trimmer (weed-eater), truck for hauling, or other tools that you think may be useful, please contact us by email or Steve by phone at 865-300-4424.

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Saturday, June 29th & July 13th

Work Days for SunMoon Dance

Our Dance Arbor is in need of repair.

The more hands we have show up, the more work we can do.

  • Repair the roof
    • Work will proceed in stages
    • When finished the permanent roof will be removed and we will cover existing frame with tarps for each use of the arbor
      • Remove damaged roof decking
      • Replace damaged facia boards
  • There are a few trees that have fallen on the property over the Winter and they need to be cut and stacked as well.

For more information email us

If you have any questions contact Steve by email or phone at 865-300-4424.

If you would like to use this work day as part of a Work Exchange there are two things to do.

  1. Contact the chief of the Dance Contact the chief of the Dance if you have not already made arrangements with them to exchange work for the event.
  2. Contact Steve (865-300-4424) and let him know that you want this to count towards Work Exchange.

In any case, if possible let us know that you plan to come so we can plan our work accordingly!

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Work Exchange

Earn credit towards dance

Want to dance?

The work exchange rate is $15 per hour. You will need to work a minimum of 4 hours on a given day. Generally we work no more than 10 hours in a day. This will not include a lunch, so you will need to bring your own light lunch.

Please contact the Dance Chief or Coordinator if you are interested in contributing towards your dance in this way.


Grounds Maintenance

Projected: 4-10 hours

Date: In addition to scheduled work days you may contact us with your available days and we will try to accomodate, pending our schedules.

There is lots of work to be done at the Center that is eligible for Work Exchange.

Maintenance projects include:

  • Mowing
  • Wood gathering and splitting
  • Garden clean up and restoration
  • Trash hauling
  • ....and more

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